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What Does Simon Cowell Have in Common with Dray?


Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell
Irene Headshot
Executive Producer Irene Dreayer “Dray”

Both Simon Cowell and myself are brutally honest. We tell the truth, which is something that there is just not enough of in show business! You might have a bit of trouble contacting “Simon,”  but I am available to give you my honest evaluation of your talent during private Skype or in-person sessions.

When you ask my opinion about what agent to contact; where to take a class; when to get headshots; when to come to LA, etc.,  I will be honest and will lead you on the right path. And when you ask my opinion about your talent, performance or the outfit you picked for the audition, I will be brutally honest with you!

Just like Simon Cowell … except I’m nicer!!


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