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What Can Happen in Skype Sessions with Dray

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Dray on Skype

Hello Everyone!  Dray here to tell you about some of my memorable and informative Private Skype Video Sessions I’ve had with kids, teens, and parents throughout the U.S. and in over 10 countries.  I am flattered by the confidence they had and continue to have in my advice, my methods and my 40+ years of experience.

I worked with a dad and his daughter from Costa Rica (showbiz kids are everywhere). As a parent with no connections to LA or any place where kids are exposed to show business, he had no idea where to start but said his daughter loves to perform in front of the family.  I responded that in order to really tell if his daughter had the drive and desire to be a showbiz kid, then he needed to introduce her to situations where there was an audience outside of the family. I suggested putting her into acting classes, a local theatre event, school plays…anything to get her in front of non-familiar faces.  Only then would he be able to tell if his daughter had “beyond the living room” talent!

Lesson learned: Get as much experience as you can locally!

Another session was with a 14 year old girl from Texas. From her laptop, she led me on a virtual tour of her bedroom. I could see that she had posters on her wall from every show I produced or talent I had discovered!  She loved that I knew every poster on her wall as well as all the gossip. She was in acting classes and was curious about what to do next.  I told her not to rush but focus on her craft for now.  

Lesson learned: Take a variety of acting classes until you are ready.

I had a session with an 11 yr. old boy and his mom.  He read a scene for me, sang a song and danced during our session. I see a lot of kids and he was pretty good but I felt something was missing.  He had an agent, was going out on auditions, but they were frustrated because he hadn’t landed a job. He was mostly auditioning for comedic type TV roles.  I sensed something behind his happy face, beautiful smile and ambition that was very serious.  After more dialogue of getting to know him, I asked him if he ever went on auditions for dramatic parts.  I saw a dramatic actor.  He said once or twice and got really close to getting those gigs.  Being eleven and looking older than his age, there was something more, an intensity behind those brown eyes.  

His mother disclosed that this happy go lucky kid’s father is a paraplegic and that he helps his father a lot.  There it was, the deep layer he could tap into. Behind the forever reaching smile, the jokes, the funny, I saw a dramatic actor.  At the moment of realization, the young boy lit up with a huge smile! It was almost as if I gave him permission to go there.  It was an amazing session and an incredible breakthrough for this talented kid!

Lesson learned: Don’t limit yourself to just comedy or just drama.

See you on Skype!

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