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Facebook “Wanna Be A Dray Kid” Contest Rules & Tips

Wanna be a Dray Kid
Enter the Contest!

Win a free Skype Session with me on The Dray Way Facebook “Wanna Be a Dray Kid” Contest ( The competition is open to actors, singers, dancers, musicians, stand-up comics, groups or individuals from ages 5 to 19 in any state of the US or any country in the world.

DEADLINE is the last day of each month at 12noon/Pacific Time.

When you post your video, you are, in reality, auditioning for me, Irene Dreayer. Here are the rules and some of my suggestions on how to make your video the best it can be when entering the Facebook contest!

  1. Make sure the video is audible. No background noise please!
  2. Check to see that the video is in focus, otherwise, I can’t see you.
  3. Test the video to make sure it was uploaded correctly and that the link works.
  4. Use a current video.  I want to see you NOW, not a video from years ago.
  5. Entries need to show you performing live, not a slideshow of photos.
  6. Close-ups are better. Avoid filming from far away, I can’t see you!
  7. Speak clearly, singing or acting.
  8. Don’t read your monologue or song, learn it!
  9. It’s OK to give an intro to your video (as part of the video or in writing when you post), just keep it short and to the point… 2-3 sentences.
  10. Focus on the camera! You are auditioning to ME, so look at ME…avoid eye wandering.
  11. If you play an instrument as well as sing, I’d love to see you do both together.
  12. Only ONE entry per month and only ONE performance will be judged in a video. If, for example, your video has more than one monologue, or has a song and a dance, I will judge the first performance. If you are not chosen, you may enter the other performance the following month but let me know when it begins in the video.

Make sure you “like” The Dray Way Facebook page so you receive the announcement of the monthly winner and instructions on what to do next, plus all updates and important information.

If you don’t win the month you enter, you can post a different video every month until chosen. Practice, watch my YouTube Drayisms, read my blogs and KEEP TRYING!  

See you on Facebook!


This Post Has 7 Comments
  1. Entering Gabrielle Wichert for contest of facebook Drayway Way. “Eyes on Fire” cover by Gabrielle Wichert.

    1. Hi Gabrielle,

      I sent a message to you mom to post the link to your video on my Facebook wall for the contest.

      Good Luck!

  2. We would like to submit our Daughter for Wanna Be A Dray Kids Contest , ..where can we find the link to submit?.

    Thank YOU ,
    Have a Great Day

    1. Good morning Ms. Washington
      I saw that you have already “liked” The Dray Way Facebook page. Just post your video on my Facebook wall and it will automatically be placed into the “Posts to Page” section on the left side (below the photos and videos section). Feel free to intro the video and your daughter with 2-3 sentences. I look forward to seeing your daughter perform. I usually choose a Dray Kid every Friday, but due to the holidays, the next Dray Kid will selected July 10th. Good luck and have a Happy 4th.

    1. Hi Katherine and Sara Mae! It’s so glad to be back online. I hope you got a chance to see the updated website! Great to hear from you… thank you for your continued support. I’d love to work with Sara Mae. Just go to and click on Private Sessions. Leigha is still doing the scheduling so after you submit the Skype form, she will be in touch via email. See you soon on Skype!

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