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The Dray Meter and Zac Efron

Zac Efron Then and Now
Zac Efron Then and Now

I produced a TV Pilot for Disney Channel a few years back and we were looking to cast a 15 year old boy to star in the show.  After many auditions, most of the kids we saw were just not ready for their own series.  

Finally, a young boy, with no credits to his name, came to audition.  He read for the part and the “Dray Meter” went up!  The boy was very green but I saw potential.  I knew he had what mattered in this business.  I could tell during the audition that show business was his passion not his parents, a critical quality I’ve discussed previously.  He came to the audition prepared and took great direction!  I asked him to do the scene a few different ways and he nailed it every time. The Disney Executives were nervous about him because he had no prior experience but I knew he had what it took to become a star.  

We cast him as the lead of the Disney Channel pilot.  His name?  ZAC EFRON. The rest is history.  

Keep your head in the game!


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