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Stand Your Ground Against Bullying!

Stand Your Ground Against Bullying!What do Lady Gaga, Chris Rock, Kate Winslet, Miley Cyrus, Winona Ryder, Emma Watson, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, Jessica Alba, Sandra Bullock and Tom Cruise have in common? They were all bullied in school. 

One of my Dray Kids, CJ Fam, experienced bullying parallel to Christina Aguilera who was bullied and ostracized for her love of singing and performing. The bullying and isolation became so bad for Christina and her family that they moved to another city. CJ was bullied so much at school due to her theatrical personality and her looks that it was decided that she would be home-schooled.

During Skype sessions with my talented kids I have heard hundreds of stories of these future show business stars deciding to be home-schooled due to bullying. Other kids are not in the position to be home-schooled and remain in schools throughout the US to fight their battles as did many of these celebrities. Kate Winslet was bullied and teased for being chubby; Chris Rock was beat up; Miley Cyrus was physically abused and teased; Emma Watson was mocked and taunted; Jessica Alba and Lady Gaga were bullied for being different; Tom Cruise was small for his age and pushed around.

If you are a victim of bullying, there are people you can turn to for help. Talk to your parents, teachers or school counselors. You can be a part of Lady Gaga’s inspiring “Born This Way Foundation” to empower youth and inspire bravery. Join The Bully Project. 


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  1. Question, someone representing you Gave my 11 year old daughter a piece of paper in Publix 3 weeks ago with a Name “JoJo” a number 352-324-2425, and your Web Site on it…

    I was wondering what you are all about and is this just like all the other talent agencies, that take Money and No Work?

    1. You have come to the right place. JoJo works for me and represents The Dray Way. Please take the time to read through my blogs (which you are doing), especially the ones where I advise parents to “Run from Scams.” I have been in this business for 40+ years and am known for my honesty. We are not a “talent agency” but we are “talent managers.” The talent agent is the one who is responsible for getting work for your daughter. But, the manager, like myself, advises, consults and guides the career of your child. Please continue reading blogs, my book, my YouTube videos and read about my background. If you have any other concerns, call JoJo, message me on Facebook or consider booking a Skype session.

      Thank you for checking and verifying this. You are a good parent!

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