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Speak Correctly in Your Audition

Catch a grenade for "YA"
Catch a grenade for “YA”

I, um, dunno if Bruno Mars, ya know, woulda had success with, um, the song “Grenade” if he woulda, like, said “…catch a grenade for you” insteaduh “for ya.” Translation: I don’t know if Bruno Mars would have had success with the song “Grenade” if he would have said “…catch a grenade for you” instead of “for ya.”

As in the Bruno Mars song “Grenade,” the wording is intentional. How it is written in his song or how a line is written in a script for that particular role is exactly how it should be sung or pronounced.

When you are introducing yourself at an audition, participating in an important meeting, or working with me during a Skype session, you have a choice of words. Do you say “um” constantly or “gonna?, “ya know”? Do you have problems with these types of speech disfluencies and assimilations?

Disfluencies are words that stop the flow of a sentence. Common disfluencies are “um”, “like”, “you know” or more commonly, “ya know”. The best way to stop yourself from using these words in an audition or interview is to be aware and pay attention to your speech. When you are about to say “um” just stop, pause and continue speaking.

Assimilation is the blending of sounds of different words such as: gonna, hafta, coulda, woulda, shoulda, I dunno, cancha for can’t you and gahead instead of “go ahead”. The simplest solution is to slow down. But it’s hard to undo the habit, especially when it’s become common and accepted in some situations. Make a mental note and jot down the expressions as you use them.

With or without a written script, speak clearly, correctly and enunciate the words so your audience understands what you are saying or singing.

So, avoid blending your words unless you tell someone, “I WANNA Be A Dray Kid!”


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