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Show Fear The Door in Auditions & Performances

No fearYou are on your way to the audition and really nervous. Your hands are sweaty, knees are shaking, and you are so nervous that at moments you think you are going to faint. What do you do?  SHOW FEAR THE DOOR! 

What does that mean, you ask? When you are about to go through that casting director’s door or about to audition for a producer like myself and you find yourself nervous, losing confidence, shaking in your shoes, give yourself permission to have the character that you’re auditioning for be the fearless one. Meaning, leave  your scared to death self outside of the room. Let your character audition. Fear won’t do anything for you! And when you’re done, you can pick “yourself” right back up where you left your “fear” and carry him with you to the car.

Now get out there and show me what you’ve got! Tell me about your audition experiences on The Dray Way Facebook Fan Page, Like my page! You’ll find a very supportive community of performing kids and their parents, just like you!

Be fearless!


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  1. I would like to book my daughters seionr pictures session with you. I’m a friend of Shannon Overholt, and loved the pictures you took of Cassidy a few months ago.My daughters mane is Chelsea Scott, and we would like to have the pictures taken around the middle of Sept.Please give me a call: 918-724-8577Betsy Scott14239 n. 106th E. Ave.Collinsville, Ok 74021

    1. Great! Make sure you book your sessions now as I have a 25% Off Sale running on all Skype sessions through Christmas!
      The Dray

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