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Santa Claus Follows The Dray Way!

Santa Claus follows The Dray Way
Santa Claus in Action

Santa “the actor” always follows The Dray Way and so should you! Pilot season will be here before you know it!

  1. Dress for the role you are auditioning for: Santa makes sure  the suit fits and  never forgets his accessories that make the role… his belt, hat and boots.
  2. You can use props in an audition but only if it’s appropriate: Santa always remembers his bag of toys and shiny sled. The props make the character for Santa!
  3. Avoid wearing too much makeup to look older: Always look your age. Santa’s cheeks are rosy but never in excess!
  4. If your hair color is not the color of the character in an audition, you can offer to change your hair color: Santa’s hair and beard are naturally white so he fits the role.
  5. Be on time for all auditions and call times: Santa is always on time for parade performances, mall visitations and for putting gifts under the tree!
  6. Speak clearly when you introduce yourself and during your audition: Santa makes sure that his “Ho, ho, ho” is loud, clear and with feeling. I also always tell my Dray Kids, “Be believable” like Santa!
  7. Study and memorize your lines… and of course remember your director and producer’s names: Santa knows the names of all his reindeer and all his children and memorizes what everyone wants for Christmas!
  8. Make sure you show your appreciation that you were given the job when on set: Be generous, help your fellow actors, be a team player. You better watch out because Santa frowns on those who are naughty and loves those who are nice!
  9. When the set is dark, put yourself in new types of classes and challenge yourself. Plus you will have more time to Skype with me! Santa is always learning about new media and technology during his toy making classes to expand his repertoire.
  10. Have fun! Show business should always be enjoyable, no matter how challenging it can get: Santa has to deliver presents around the world in one night and yet, he is always jolly. He loves his job!

So when you make your list for Christmas, Santa and I suggest a couple of ideas:  “Skypes with Dray” and my book “Mom! I Want To Be A Star.”  You can see what The Dray Way has done for Santa…ho ho ho!

Merry Christmas!


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