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Pilot Season Audition Help from Dray

Executive Producer Irene Dreayer
Executive Producer Irene Dreayer

This time of year, each network begins to choose (pick up) their pilots and start the audition and casting process. As an Executive Producer of network TV shows and many pilots I can answer your questions, share my expertise and prepare you for the audition.

Auditioning for pilots is different than auditioning for on-air series. In a pilot, you’re unfamiliar with the show and the characters. The producers are looking for actors and actresses that can give them what they are looking for. Sometimes they don’t know exactly what that is… until the right person walks into the room.

Whether this is your first audition for a pilot or one of many, you (or your parents) may still have questions:

Should I dress for the part? What do I need to bring?  How many people will be auditioning? Will my parents be allowed to watch? Should I introduce myself before I start? Do I need to memorize the lines?  They sent me the sides (the script with your lines) but they don’t adequately explain the character….what do I do? Can you help me to be funnier? more dramatic? How do I shake the nerves? If I goof up, can I start over?

For example, “Do you need to memorize the lines?” As I always say, memorizing doesn’t always make you a better actor. If this is the initial pilot audition for the casting directors, you should be very familiar with the material. If you get a callback for producers and directors, yes, it must be memorized.

Some of these questions are answered on my YouTube channel, so be sure to do your homework by watching and listening to my “Drayisms.” During your private coaching session, we can concentrate mainly on the actual audition and when we are finished, it will be…



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