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Mom, Dad, Let’s Skype: Your Child in Show Business

I love to Skype with kids from all around the country and the world. It is so fulfilling to work with young children and young adults who aspire to enter show business. I coach them, work with them on their craft and see such positive results in the end.

Many times in my Skype sessions, the parents are right next to their child to support them, see them perform for “Dray” and to ask pertinent questions. Sometimes, the parents want to Skype with me without their son or daughter present. Not only is that perfectly fine with me, but it’s also a very good idea. I’ve had Skypes from California to Maine to Florida and over 10 countries with Moms as well as Dads or both parents together.

I know that parents may be skeptical and have questions about this difficult business. A Skype session, without the presence of your child, gives you the opportunity to ask sensitive questions. One of the most common questions I hear parents ask is: How do I deal with the rejections my child will face? My initial response:  When does rejection stop at 11 yrs. old? Or you might want to know:  How do I know if my child has talent? Are they really as good as people tell me? Is my child ready to audition? What are our financial obligations?

 There are probably many more questions that you haven’t even thought to ask that I will answer with sincere honesty.  Check out the FAQ’s on The Dray Way and we can discuss them together in a private session.

 Mom, Dad, feel free to Skype with me to learn the ins and outs; the rights and wrongs; the good and bad of what could lie ahead for your child and your family as you navigate your way through show business.

 I look forward to meeting you on Skype.

 It will be our best kept secret.


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