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Only If Your Child Wants To…

Irene Dreayer “Dray”

Hello Parents!  It’s Dray here… If you are reading about The Dray Way and going through the Blogs, FAQs/Guidelines and private Skype sessions, then you are considering showbiz for your son or daughter.  I want to be very clear to you, my parents, that I am not here to encourage you to put your kids in this crazy business we call show.  I merely want to help guide all moms and dads and walk you through each and every step. But before we continue, you must be absolutely positive that your child wants to do this!

Parents are usually a bit fearful and nervous about exposing their kids to this wacky unpredictable world.  One question parents always ask me is, “Do I really want to do this for my child?”  My answer?  Only if your child really wants to.  Then you can make a decision after we go through all the questions, concerns and tools you’ll need for what it takes to enter show business…as a family.

I want to make sure that every parent I’m in contact with is prepared and ready.  I will guide you using “The Dray Way” method and will make sure you have all the information you need before jumping into unknown waters.



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