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L.A. Is Not Where You Start; It’s Where You End Up

Hollywood Sign
The famous HOLLYWOOD sign

If tennis is your game, you wouldn’t go to Wimbledon as your first competition or your first basketball game wouldn’t be up against Lebron James. If you want to be a world-famous chef, your first attempt in the kitchen would not be against Wolfgang Puck. When you first come to Hollywood, you cannot expect to land a leading role with Bradley Cooper in a major motion picture as your first job.

Kids, before you even consider coming to L.A., first of all, it has to be your dream and your dream only. But, to make the dream a reality, you have to be fully prepared and immerse yourself in everything that is needed to make that happen. Competition in Hollywood is fierce. It is imperative that you have exhausted all the resources available to you in your home town. You have taken classes in all areas of acting, singing and dancing at the highest level available to you. You have performed at multiple venues throughout your surrounding area. You have outgrown what your current agents and managers can do for you. Now, you are ready to go to the next level. Hollywood here you come!

When you are planning to go to college, it is the same approach. You spend your entire school years preparing for college by choosing the most challenging classes, varied extracurricular activities and you work hard to get the best grades to be accepted into the college of your choice. So, use this approach of preparation and training as if you were planning to attend the “University of Hollywood!”

Mom, Dad, are you prepared? Are you ready to change your entire life? Do you realize this will affect everyone emotionally, financially, logistically and psychologically. There are decisions to be made that affect the entire family. Will one parent come to LA and one stay with the rest of the family? This involves leaving brothers or sisters, friends, schoolmates, teachers, pets and the parent who stayed home. Have family meetings and make certain the entire family is on board.

Parents, do not rent the U-Haul, pack up all your belongings, sell your house, quit your job, withdraw your kids from school, come to L.A. and then meet me. You are doing it backwards.

Please talk to me first because… the only thing some people gain by coming to Hollywood is three hours!


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