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Irene Dreayer Will Tell You The Truth

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Irene Tells the Truth

Parents, do you really think your child is a talented singer, dancer, actor or musician? Are you being honest with your child as well as yourself? Every parent thinks their child is the greatest no matter what they do…and they should! But sometimes parents are not true judges and it is not fair to the child for parents to continue giving them false hopes.

Many times parents, relatives and friends are entertained by someone’s child in their private living room. I hear this all the time, “My child had everybody applauding and laughing and then got a standing ovation!” My response? “Just because your child can entertain 20 people in your living room doesn’t mean your child can entertain 20 million people in their living rooms.” There is a huge difference between the two and the challenges can be great.

Parents, ask yourself: “Do I really think my child has talent? Do I really believe they are ready?” I find many times that parents push their children too fast and too soon. And, not only are they not ready, they are lacking in ability. I always wonder at these moments why didn’t someone tell them the truth?

If you are not sure, the best solution is book a Skype session with me, Dray. I will evaluate your child’s ability, suggest which path to pursue and your next steps. But most of all, I will be honest with you and your child.

Remember, a lie may take care of the present, but it has no future.


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  1. Hi, irene: You are great and an amazing mentor for my kids! I am glad I found you from here – The Dray Way. I am one of the moms who gave up my normal life and come from out of L.A., to help my kids to pursue their dreams. Irene is not only the great coach but also an honest person. Two days ago, it was midnight, I e-mailed her regarding my older son Michael Zhang need her coach for a Disney audition next day, and then she replied three e-mails to me right away. I really like the way she takes care and encourages my kids working hard for their future. Thank you so much from the bottom my heart! Eva ( mother of Michael and Matthew Zhang)

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