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Irene Dreayer Says: Mistakes Do Not Define You!

Irene Dreayer on the set of The Suite Life on Deck
Irene Dreayer on Set!

Making mistakes does not mean you are a mistake. Do not be so hard on yourself if you mess up a line in an audition. Mistakes do not define who you are as a person. We ALL make mistakes. Trust me!  Just remember to practice until you are able to correct your mistake and move forward.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, for it is how we learn and grow.




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  1. Dray

    My daughter introduced me to your site. Thanks for being a positive and encouraging influence to all kids.
    This Drayism is excellent! Kids are too hard on themselves.
    I am learning a lot from your site.

    You are making a difference!

    1. Thanks Ofelia for your kind words. We are thrilled you are following The Dray Way! I appreciate it!
      The Dray Way

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