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Irene Dreayer Says: Be Confident In Your Looks

Irene's Hair 2
Short hair or frizzy hair… I am confident!

I want each and every child to feel confident about how they look. Remember, it’s not about how you look but how you feel you look.

How you feel you look says more about who you are than what you look like. So many teens are struggling with who they are by the mere definition of how they look. Feeling good about yourself is the most attractive attribute you could have. If you are confident in exactly who you are as a person, inside and out, looks do not matter. Beauty lies within.

The entertainment business is a business of talent and image. The media constantly bombards us with images of what beauty and perfection should look like. What they don’t reveal is that the seemingly perfect bodies and flawless skin is due to airbrushing and photo shopping. So kids, don’t compare yourself to celebrity photos in the media and think that you have to look LIKE THAT, because they don’t even look LIKE THAT.

Show off your freckles. Be proud of your larger than normal nose. Love that you are tall or short. Embrace your big bones. These unique traits are a part of your identity but don’t solely define who you are. I just might be looking for a short freckled-face girl with a large nose for a role in a movie or TV show! There are roles for every different type of kid. You don’t have to look like Miley, Selena or Zac to be a talented actor. Hollywood never knows what type of look makes a star. It’s all about the overall package and the “it” factor that makes a star.

Being what you think is beautiful doesn’t make you smarter or play a piano better or make you a better actor. Be proud of you! Be happy with your accomplishments! Be confident in everything that makes you an equally beautiful person in many other ways.

When you audition for a role, you must have confidence in who you are before you can portray somebody else.

You’re special… you’re YOU!


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