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How to Prepare for Your Dray Way Skype Session

In order to be fully prepared for your Dray Way Private Skype Session with Irene Dreayer (Dray), here are some suggestions that will assist you in achieving the maximum benefit of your very important Skype session.

  • Have a monologue, song or routine prepared to perform. You must know the words so Dray can work on your performance!
  • Check your Skype connection, sound and lighting in advance of your session. Do a test run at home to make sure everything is working correctly before your session.
  • Check out what’s in view in the background behind you. Is it appropriate for Dray to see? Do you want to show your unmade bed or open bathroom door?
  • Please note that Irene is on Pacific Coast Time when setting up your session. Know the time difference so that you are on time for your session!
  • Make first impressions count!
  • Make sure you eat before or after the Skype session.
  • Speak up! Speak clearly! Make eye contact with Dray!
  • Avoid interruptions such as barking dogs, crying babies, TV, radio, phone calls, texting or your mom washing the dishes.
  • Read the FAQ’s on The Dray Way Website: before your session.

Make the most out of your opportunity to work with a Disney Channel Executive Producer!

So, if, after your shower, you have a towel wrapped around you, the dog is barking, your baby sister is crying, your brother is practicing his electric guitar, dad is hammering, mom has the washing machine going and Domino’s Pizza just got delivered to your door, let’s reschedule!

Remember that your Dray Way Skype Sessions are WORK SESSIONS for your show business career.

Let’s get to work!


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