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Got a Talented Kid? Why The Dray Way Method Works

Executive Producer Irene Dreayer
Executive Producer Irene Dreayer

The Dray Way is my proven method to help parents and kids navigate their way through show business. You have a talented child but you are not sure how to go down this path or what the first step is.  Many of you live in cities outside of Los Angeles and have stars in your eyes and yet have no idea how to execute your dream.  So how does one get all the information on how to do this correctly and pursue show business the right way?

The Dray Way is my step by step process for parents and their child to prepare them for show business. I teach my Dray Way Kids how to be professionals, to be grounded, to be the best performer they can be and to have fun with it all because remember, we are talking about kids! I teach the parents the ins and outs of show business and how best to work with their kids as they embark on this adventure. Show business can be very hard on families but with the right tools in place, it can be the ride of a lifetime.  

I know there are people out there that say they can promise you a career, find you a job and introduce you to important TV or film executives. These people make you feel like you are about to hit it big! And as long as you keep paying these people mucho $$$ they say they can make it all happen. Run from people that ask for money up front in order to represent your child, add your child’s photos in directories, sign your child up for contests or insist on outrageously expensive acting classes.

So remember, be careful when someone approaches you on the street or in the mall or I have heard even at the Zoo telling you that they can make your child a star! Just say NO thank you and move on to the elephants.

Get the guidance you deserve and training you will need to become a better performer, land that audition and navigate show business the right way… The Dray Way!

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