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Dray Says Move Your Body & Sing, Beyoncé Does!


Beyonce Moves Her Body
Beyonce Moves Her Body

If you want to act, why do you have to train to sing and dance??? Dray says you must take dancing and singing lessons if you want to be an actor.  This is very important for all kids from early on in their career. Many young actors have no idea what to do with their hands and arms or how to move across the stage with their ever-growing feet. When you are acting in a scene, dancing teaches you how to move your body, to be graceful and in control.

I met Beyoncé at the beginning of her career. She told me how she would walk up hills every day and I mean big hills and sing as loud and as hard as she could. This would expand her vocal ability so that she could sustain those big powerful notes that have won her Grammy after Grammy. While she was doing that, she was not only hiking BUT dancing up and down those hills, singing and breathing really hard. Look how it paid off.  This also helped her control her breathing and speaking while doing big dramatic scenes… Not to mention that the exercise got her into great shape! So remember, all three disciplines, singing, dancing and acting are intertwined.

Now get out there!  Get moving!

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