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Celebrities Caught on Camera 24/7

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Celebrities on Camera 24/7

Your dream has finally come true… you are famous! Your TV series is a hit; your feature film is a box office success or your record went gold. You now have a Grammy, Emmy or Oscar on your mantel. Congratulations! Your agent takes you out for a celebration dinner and you’re swamped and hounded for photos by the paparazzi and autographs from fans as you exit the limo. All you want to do is go in and eat! Then the waitress wants advice from you about her own career. You become annoyed, dismissive and uncooperative. Next thing you know you are the opening story on TMZ or Entertainment Tonight. Every online celebrity site is ready to report the good, the bad and the ugly. Nobody is exempt from the cameras, not Justin Bieber, not Taylor Swift, not you or me.

Celebrities are constantly being judged by their actions and watched 24/7 for a misstep, an attitude burst, an inappropriate comment or anything that will make the news. They are out there for the public to judge. The general public is also armed with their iphones and cameras, videotaping celebrities on stage, in stores, in restaurants, at parties and on the street. Whether you have made it in show business or you are on the verge of success, you are constantly on stage.

Granted, fans should not bother you for autographs or photos if you are on a family outing or eating privately with your family or friends, but they do. You need to learn The Dray Way Rule of being famous: Smile behind your extra large Ray Ban sunglasses or baseball cap and if you are identified, be nice!! Remember, there are cameras everywhere recording every move you make and everything you say.

Parents, Skype with me to discuss how you and your child will handle the lack of privacy once you’ve become successful.

Smile, say “cheese!”



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