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Before Signing on the Dotted Line, Skype with Dray!

Exec Producer Irene Dreayer
Exec Producer Irene Dreayer

had a session with a very talented tween age girl from New York who was in L.A. with her mom. After the working session with the girl, I later received an email from the mom. She was so excited because her daughter was in a final callback for a music producer looking for a third girl to join a singing group. I asked her to call me ASAP to discuss!

I explained to mom that I knew all about this music producer and his quest to form a girl group. He had been trying to make this happen for over two years. I personally knew of three girls who were chosen for the group and later left when they realized that the job and the producer were not credible. I told mom, “He has no credibility, but will charge you money for recording songs, head shots, wardrobe, promotional material and with zero ability to make anything happen.”

Both mom and daughter were disappointed but they listened to me because of my first-hand knowledge of this so called music producer’s past and my knowledge of this business. Mom was so thankful that she had checked with me first before signing her daughter to the group!

Later, her daughter signed with a legitimate talent agent that I felt was perfect for her and began going out on auditions.

Whether you are signing up for classes or a boot camp, meeting with an agent, a manager or a publicist, Skype with me before you sign on the dotted line. You can also book a private “in person” session. I will give you honest advice, save you time, money and steer you in the right direction.

Before you sign away…check with Dray!

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  1. HELP! My son Carson Pound has a big Skype meeting with a big agency on Friday & he is very new to the industry & things sort of spiralled for him. He definitely could use some coaching. He just landed a principal role with an A list production from LA that has taken us by surprised. What are your fees & is there a chance he can “meet” you via Skype before Friday for some tips on how to properly convey “Carson”. Plus, although they haven’t told us they expect a monologue, we have one prepped in case they do, but performing it in front of this laptop seems impersonal. The kid is 11 & we are nervous as heck for this interview. We are from Calgary, CANADA & are scoping for an agent in a bigger market & did not expect to hear back, so this caught us off guard. Plus a lot of the auditions will be virtual/Skype. Thanks for your time:)
    Ronaele Pound (for CARSON POUND)

    1. Hi Ronaele,

      My sincere apology for not answering your comment. We had some tech issues with our comments and now am able to go back and answer the questions. I know it’s been over a year and don’t know where Carson is in his career journey. Please check out The Dray Way: where I have many blogs and YouTube videos with advice for kids, teans and their parents. I Skype with kids and teens all over the USA and in over 10 countries. If you have any questions after visiting The Dray Way site, my YouTube and Facebook, just message me on Facebook or Twitter.

      I look forward to meeting you and Carson and again, I’m sorry for not replying sooner.
      Good luck!

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