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Be Loyal to Your Agents and Managers

Agents and managaers logoYou hear so many stories about how kids, that become famous, leave their loyal managers and agents that helped them achieve their success. Trust me, that has happened even to me. Kids who choose to leave their original representatives that have believed in them and worked so hard for years to make their careers happen get fired. This usually comes right when stardom hits. Sadly, many adult actors have done the same thing.

It breaks my heart for all of those reps who worked endlessly and believed in these kids when no one else would.  I have seen it over and over again…the agent and manager call me and push and sell and do everything they can just to get their client seen because they believe in them! Once it happens…BAM, their client goes to the bigger agencies or management companies and the reps are left in the dust after working for years to make it happen for their client.

Kids, parents, this is not the right thing to do! Truth is, this is frowned upon in the business and eventually you will find out that once you get to the ‘big house of reps’ you become one in a million. Most kid stars who make the switch are competing in big agencies and management companies that represent huge stars; therefore, the attention and strategy isn’t there to continue building your career.  I have seen so many careers suffer when kid stars leave their original representatives and management teams.  

The right thing and the best thing you can do to protect what you’ve worked so hard for is to…

Be loyal!


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