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Auditioning, But Not Getting Callbacks?

AuditionsYou might be asking yourself, why you’re not getting callbacks after my auditions?  I know many kids that performed well in auditions but did not get the callback. This can be very frustrating.

I had a Skype session with a young girl whose agent sent her on numerous auditions, but she was not booking the job or even getting the callback. She told me that the character she was recently auditioning for was really nothing like her and she could not relate to the role. I told her, that is what acting is! You have to become the character! You need to be able to forget how much or  how little the character is like you and become that other person.

Other times when you don’t get a call back it  may be because the lead of the show is short and you are too tall. Maybe the lead of the show is tall and you’re too short. Maybe everybody on the show is thin and they want someone who’s not. Maybe everybody on the show is fat and they want someone who’s not. Maybe they have changed the character from a boy to a girl or a girl to a boy… or to a dog! And yes, that really happened!

Your body language may be affecting a great audition… darting eyes, too animated, a twitch, too stiff, too loose, you are not convincing enough or you OVER act. Maybe your nerves show too much.

As you can see there are many reasons why you might not be getting the callback. This is where I come in. I coach kids everyday in my private Skype sessions on their audition techniques and preparation. Every talented kid should have successful auditions, callbacks and hopefully, book a job. Learning audition skills is what I teach in my Skype sessions. Every talented kid is unique! You can watch my free “Drayism” videos on to better understand what I look for when kids audition for me. And again, I can’t stress enough, that sometimes, the role calls for a completely different type than what you are, so keep up that self-esteem and don’t take rejection personally.

Be Your Best!


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