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Audition Tips for Success

Audition Tips For Success
Audition Tips For Success

The Audition is probably the most nerve racking and pressured situation a young actor can face.  Here are my Dray Way Tips to follow for a successful audition!

  • You need to be prepared. Never walk into the audition and ask the question, “How do you want me to do this?”  You must come in with your own choices.  Good or bad, the choices have to be yours.  Many times, kids are directed to do the lines a different way.  If your kid can “take direction” on the spot, then producers and networks can determine if this is somebody they want to hire.
  • You need to understand the role that you are auditioning for. Parents, read through the script.  It’s important to explain to your child who and what this character is about so they can make the best choices.  They need to know where the jokes are and understand what he/she is actually saying…not just memorized.  Listen in character… remain in the role while listening to the other person who is speaking in the scene.  Focus… React, respond, and listen… all in character.
  • Parents you need to keep your child focused. Mucho importante!  Do not worry about all the other parents and kids that are waiting for their audition.  You might see kids that are completely different than your own.  Many times, that is because the producers have no idea what they’re looking for.
  • Kids, you must have eye contact. Look straight into the eyes of whoever is reading the scene with you, even if they are reading many different parts. Eye wandering and darting all over the place is very common among inexperienced actors!
  • Kids when you perform the scene, you have to be believable. Talk like a real kid talks.  It has to be realistic.
  • Cute or sexy does not mean talented. It has to be all about the acting.  Trying to look too cute, or too grown up, or too sexy does not make you a better actor.  Whatever the role calls for, look appropriate, look your age kids!

Skype with me and I’ll tell you if you’re ready!

Good Luck!



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