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Are you Momma Rose? Is Showbiz Your Dream?

Mama Rose Gypsy 2
Mamma Rose in Gypsy

Are you “Momma Rose” from the musical GYPSY? Is Showbiz your dream or your child’s?  The famed staged musical and feature film whose music by Jule Stein and Stephen Sondheim is legendary.  After she pushed and prodded her kids to be famous ‘her way,’ she then sings the song, “Roses Turn.”  In the song, Momma Rose sings, “I did this for you kids and now it is my turn…look out world…here comes Rose.”

So, Moms is that you? Are you pushing your kids to be discovered, to want to be stars when all along it is your dream and passion… not theirs?  I have seen this over and over again. My first rule is:  This dream absolutely must be the child’s dream!  I have sat with kids and their mothers where it is obvious that this is NOT the child’s dream. I can tell, especially when I ask questions and the mom jumps in first to answer… even when the question is addressed to her child. The mom answered for her child who couldn’t even get a word in edgewise.

When I set up meetings, I definitely have their Mom and/or Dad in the room with me. I can tell whose dream it really is to be in show business.  Remember, please ask yourself the question of all questions…  

Is this my dream or my child’s dream?


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