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Are You A Triple Threat? Natalie Portman Is!

Natalie Portman and Jackie
Jacqueline Kennedy Portrayed by Natalie Portman

“I was really into dancing, taking six classes a week, and my real dream was to be in a Broadway show,” Natalie Portman has said in interviews. When she was taking ballet, tap and jazz along with singing lessons, was she able to see herself starring as Jacqueline Kennedy in the upcoming 2017 film”Jackie”? Or, that all those years of hard work would be the skills that would win her the Best Actress Oscar in “Black Swan” in 2011. 

We often hear the comment that someone is a “triple threat” (equally outstanding in singing, dancing, acting) Selena Gomez sings, dances and acts. Gwyneth Paltrow is a triple threat of superior quality. And don’t forget: Jennifer Lopez, Zac Efron, Zendaya, Vanessa Hudgens, Justin Timberlake and Miley Cyrus to name a few.

Many times during my Skype sessions, I work with kids and teens looking for that balance of ability in singing, dancing and acting. Versatility in this business will always make a performer more marketable.

But if you have two left feet or can’t carry a tune, I still encourage you to do all three! Actors should take dancing and singing classes…dancers should take acting and singing classes…and singers should take acting and dancing classes.” When you act, you should be able to move gracefully or in the correct movement of the character that you portray. As an actor, you never know when you might need to belt out a few bars of a song. Singers need the ability to move correctly with the music as singers are merely actors portraying a role to music. Dancers act out stories, so it’s not only their footwork that is important, but also their facial expressions. With singing lessons added to their dancing, dancers can accurately move with each and every word or syllable that is sung.

Go for it!


Natalie Portman - Black Swan


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