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Your friends in Texas, Jackson (the boy who *use to* sway back and forth too much) and Kimberly (Jackson’s mom) : )

“Thank you so much. When we hung up our Skype session, Jackson said, ‘That’s it? It has been 30 min. already? Wow, time flies…when can we do it again? I like her…she’s honest to me.’ There you go…kids really do want honesty and genuine re-direction doesn’t cause them to crumble to pieces. Why hasn’t anyone else ever thought of this? : ) hehe Thanks Dray; you’re the best! : ) We’ll see you again soon. : )”

Sharlene Toth

“It was refreshing to consult with someone in the industry that truly knows the business. Your honest evaluation of Rebecca, and personal mentoring is treasured and appreciated! The knowledge that you shared with us during the Skype session will advance and launch Rebecca’s career. A million thanks for time and money well spent! The beauty of this is with our busy schedules we could conduct the session at 9:00 p.m. in the privacy of our home! Rebecca and I cannot wait till our next session!”

From Ophelia Chacon, Alexandra’s Mom

“Here is my mom( who is borrowing my Facebook): Moms and Dads out there: Unbelievable what Irene does with her Dray Way! I just witnessed magic ! The most beautiful river of talent running via Skype, with my daughter’s talent flowing under Irene’s gentle and skillful direction! A “must not miss” for you and your kids..where ever you are : ) : )”

From tween Alexandra B. Chacon

“Just had my 1st class with the Dray! Amazing, can’t wait to see you again Irene!”

From 14-year-old Eyssa Joy T on Facebook

“I had so much fun and learned a ton in my Voice session with Dray!”

From Réanne Khokhar

“Hi Dray, Thank you for my session – It was great, I was so amazed but I felt I should have told you more (I had a casting the next day but didn’t even mention for example)!… I have so much more to say and learn!!. So I’m going to see if me and my family can arrange some more sessions. Thanks again Reanne :-D”

from Nyanna Davis

“Had such an educational, real, honest, open minded, informative, FUN time with The Dray Way! I am looking forward to our next Skype session for my daughter Nyanna Davis. She took everything she said and plans to use it to get to the top! Thanks Dray Way!!!”

from Valerie Richardson, mother to Haley Lu

“To NOT have The Dray Way as a resource here in L.A would be like negotiating the freeways without a GPS system. We do not make a turn here without consulting Dray!”

From Lisa Waschko, granddaughter Bella

“For you parents with a child who has talent and a dream, Irene is the person to contact. I had not a clue how to help my granddaughter other than knowing she deserved my full support. I did all the usual wrong things, like having photos made and sending them blindly to agents in the phone book. I lucked across The Hollywood Mom Blog one day and read an article about Irene. We gave it a shot with a 30 minute session. It was like coming out of the fog into clear daylight! My first question was, ‘Is she really talented or am I just another doting grandmother?’ Irene set us straight right away. She has talent, but she’s not ready yet. I was so grateful to hear truthful words. IRENE TELLS THE TRUTH, WHETHER IT IS GOOD OR BAD. That was last year. She has followed up with great coaching, for me and Belle, and down to earth guidance. There is no one else like her and she is worth her weight in gold. We thank our Lord for her every night in our prayers. If you are wondering if Skype sessions with Irene might help your situation, wonder no more. You hit the jackpot and landed in the right place! If Belle achieves her dreams, it will be due in large part to IRENE DREAYER!”

From Ive Garcia, Isabella’s Mom

“It was a pleasure meeting with you today! Having spent a short time with you gave me the confidence I needed as a parent to support Isabella’s passion. I know that this industry is very competitive. However, if Isabella can take advantage of your coaching and utilize it to the best of her abilities, we are confident that she will learn and grow in her acting career. Isabella is excited to get started with her private sessions!”

From Elizabeth about her daughter Samantha

“Samantha was nervous at the beginning of the Skype session but at the end of the session she says, ‘She was so much fun, and I can’t wait to Skype with her again.’ I will be making another Skype appointment soon! Thank you so much for all your advice!”

From Dorothy and her daughter J’Rose

“Hi Irene. Just wanted to let you know J’Rose is doing great!! She landed a pilot and she is moving forward with her singing. Thank you for your time and making her a Dray Kid. We are taking your advice when it comes to acting and working on that. Thank you so much and we hope to one day meet you!!!!”

Suzanne Laite Palmer

“My son has been working via Skype with Irene and he loves it! She makes him feel empowered and he feels she is benefiting his career. He also likes her as a person, she talks directly to him and feels he can call her a friend. Thank you Irene and your Dray Way!” 

Kirk Delacruz

“I just finished my Skype session with Dray and it was everything I imagined it to be and more! Right from the start it was like I wasn’t talking to ‘Dray,’ but more like a friend who was directing me into the right direction! We went over my monologue a couple times and she even tried some different acting exercises with me. I strongly suggest you all to enter into the Wanna Be A Dray Kid contest because it’s definitely worth it! I didn’t only leave the session with advice on how to become a better actor, but also a new relationship with Hollywood’s Talent Expert. Never thought I’d be saying that! Good luck to everyone out there!”


“You definitely impressed us all.  The talent can clearly see their possibilities with just one session with you.  I’m excited to see how many more talented young people will get a chance to learn from you.


Courtney Welbon

“Just finished my first Skype session with Dray! Not only was it very informative and helpful but fun too! You can tell right away that she knows exactly what she’s talking about and that she will speak honestly. All the knowledge that pours out of her is priceless! She genuinely cares and wants the best for those she talks to. I now have more motivation to pursue my dream while maintaining a great education and realize the amount of hard work it is going to take along with how much more I have to learn. Can’t wait for the next one! 😀 Thank you Dray!!!”

Meredeth Blackwell

“When I first met Irene, I knew right away that she genuinely wanted to help my child reach her full potential. She read with my daughter and helped her take her audition to the next level.  She has worked in the business for many years and knows what works and what doesn’t. You can’t put a price tag on that kind of knowledge.  Thanks Irene!”


“Just got done with my Skype session with Dray! She is so FABULOUS! I learned so much in my session! She is an inspiration! She helped me a lot. I cannot wait for the next one! Your an amazing lady! (: Thanks again!” 

Debby Ryan

“Since the day I met Irene she has been the source of some of the best advice I’ve gotten. Whether professionally or artistically, “Dray” was always available to guide me through, and it’s been a blessing in more than one situation!”
Debby Ryan
Disney Channel’s “The Suite Life on Deck” and “Jessie”

Sandy Ryan, mother of Debby Ryan

Irene has done this job a long time and is very good at what she does. She always has relevant advice to give up and coming actors. We all believe in our children, this confidence has helped them get where they are today, but a production is not just about your child (even if your child is #1 on the call sheet) it’s about the show and making it the best creation it can be.  Relying on Irene’s wisdom and understanding can help you keep the perspective necessary for your child to be a part of a successful project.
Sandy Ryan, mother of Debby Ryan
Disney Channel’s “The Suite Life on Deck” and “Jessie”

Pamela Eells

“Irene Dreayer is a star maker.  In my twenty years as a television show runner /Executive Producer, I have never met a warmer, more knowledgeable, more loving producer than Irene.  She has a special magic with children, and the contacts, drive, and ability to take a talented child to stardom (while helping to keep the parents sane along the way!) She is wonderful in every way.”
Pamela Eells
Executive Producer
Disney Channel’s “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” “The Suite Life on Deck” “Jessie” & “Bunked”

Tia and Tamara

“Irene was so instrumental in the launch of our careers as young actresses. She believed in us, when no one else did, and never let us down.  She was not just a producer but a “mom” and a mentor…and helped us become who we are today.”
Tia and Tamara
 “Sister Sister” “Twitches” “The Real” & “Instant Mom”

Dana Gergely & Brandi Brice Pollock

“Irene has an incredible eye for new talent.  Through her years of experience, she knows how to steer young actors in the right direction and help them to be successful in their careers.”
Dana Gergely & Brandi Brice Pollock
Brice Gergely Casting
Casting Directors: The Suite Life On Deck for Disney Channel

Tahj Mowry

“Irene has the ‘honesty factor,’ something you don’t see a lot in the business.  There is no sugar coating as she only tells the truth.”
Tahj Mowry
Star of The WB Series “Smart Guy” & Freeform’s “Baby Daddy”

Mai Song, Brenda Song’s mother

“Having Irene here on the set, I knew that my daughter would be safe.  I trust her completely.  I can leave without any worries knowing Irene is there.
Mai Song, Brenda Song’s mother
Disney Channel’s “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” & “The Suite Life On Deck”

Marie Kudelko

“With Irene, you are in the BEST hands. With one hand, she guides you and with the other hand she keeps a firm grasp on EVERYTHING to do with the industry. You will always get a response to your questions, and an answer that will be honest and well-informed. If you can’t be in LA all the time, Irene is the most amazing GO-TO person there is to know!  And she does it all with lots of x’s and o’s!”
Marie Kudelko
Mother of rising star Caroline Kole

Ken Gross

“Irene Dreayer’s ability to recognize burgeoning talent – to mentor and educate young performers to begin the long journey of self-discovery and success – is consistently impressive.

Irene’s ability to discover and nurture young talent along with her well-established relationships through all areas of the entertainment industry is unparalleled.”

Ken Gross
Ken Gross Management

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