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Executive Producer Irene Dreayer
Executive Producer Irene Dreayer

There are agents and managers out there signing tons of kids and sending them out on auditions way too early. There is a new trend now where these reps sign kids in droves because they are in the numbers business. It’s like throwing spaghetti against the wall, hoping one strand might stick. In this case, the strands are the kids and they are hoping for one breakout star.

I see so many kids who are signed by agents and managers but need a tremendous amount of training, a good acting teacher and someone to tell them and their parents the truth about their talent. That they are being sent out to audition when they are not yet ready or prepared is completely irresponsible by their reps. Many of these kids might be really talented with the proper guidance, coaching and some honesty. But, it is a game of the masses.

It is so unfair to these young kids. They get sent out for roles that they have no business going on, they cannot compete so they never get a callback or book the job. I wish all of these reps were not so desperate to find the next Ariana Grande or Zac Efron and sign every kid that walks up to their front office.  

Reps do these kids a favor! Just say “NOT YET!”



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