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Adrianna: My Show Biz Journey with Dray

adrianna-headshot-serious-edited-2The show business journey I’ve been on has been absolutely incredible. Meeting Irene Dreayer when I won the Wanna Be A Dray Kid Contest has opened up so many windows of opportunities for myself.

Previously, living in Florida, I was a 14 year old girl singing in my bedroom! I had the adrianna-coast-to-coastopportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall which was a great experience. I won many vocal competitions in South Florida. But, I never imagined ever becoming an actress, or even pursuing acting whatsoever. Then I met Irene!

Irene introduced me to the world of acting. I instantly fell in love with it. During my first Skype session with Irene, I sang “Let it Go” from Disney’s hit musical motion picture “Frozen” and I performed a monologue as well. Irene asked me if I ever thought about acting, and honestly before that night I never thought I was any good at it! Irene saw the potential in me. She worked and worked and worked with me, constantly telling me “No, not yet. It’s easy to get in the door, but it’s hard to get back in.” I am so glad she continued working with me on Skype, and pushing me to be the best I could be.

Then Irene said I was ready for phase #2… to come to LA.  We met with Coast to Coast Talent Group (Top kid and teen talent agency in LA).  They signed me for theatrical and commercial representation. While in LA and in order to prepare for Pilot Season, I took a variety of acting, singing and dance classes. And just recently I also signed with McDonald Selznick Associates, the biggest dance agency!! 

Irene has an amazing eye for catching talent and working with young kids and teens like myself. I’m still in awe of everything that has come my way. This is just the beginning of my journey, but if it weren’t for Irene becoming my personal manager, I would not be this close to where I am today in my career.

I am forever grateful. LOVE YOU IRENE!

xoxo – Adrianna



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