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Actors and Parents, Be Honest About Your Talent

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Executive Producer Irene Dreayer

All parents think their kid is the greatest thing since sliced bread…and they should!  However, are you able to be objective when it comes to your kid’s talent, whether it’s singing, dancing, or acting? If your honest answer is yes, without being prejudiced, you must make sure that whatever your child tries to accomplish, it can be attainable. Many times, parents put their child in a situation (like trying out for the LEAD of a television show) when they really should be the second or third lead in the show.  Maybe they’re not ready.

And, kids, are you able to have a clear picture of your ability and talent?  Look around at other kids in music, theater arts, film, television, even sports.  Can you honestly say that your talent is comparable to those surrounding you or better?  Kids, you must be confident in your response and able to answer the question truthfully. Kids, try to be realistic.  As much as you may want the lead role, it is not a bad thing to play the second lead.  Many times, kids auditioning for the lead end up having two lines in a show.  This might not seem much but they are more likely to do an amazing job!  It’s better to be good at a smaller role instead of mediocre in the starring role.

Dray genuinely wants the best for all talented kids out there. However, when you Skype with me, I’m honest (like Simon Cowell) but I can help lead parents and their kids to becoming exactly how they truly envision their talent and ability to be.


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  1. This site has proven so valuable to us. My daughter Brooklyn 9 is very interested in acting. She takes lessons from Jordan Lund who also teaches at an adult acting class in Studio City and at Temple Beth El in Riverside. He is a character actor and has been in the business for over 20 years. Brooklyn keeps asking when she can audition. Her dad and I are not savvy when it comes to the process. We watched your videos and agree with everything you have said. Children who really love acting will flourish but if they are there for their parents sakes, it just becomes a pressure. We want Brookllyns childhood to be fun and positve and also a learning experience to help her deal with adulthood. We do not have skype is there a way to connect without it? Kindness

    1. Dear Lisa – do you have a video camera on your computer? If so, all you have to do is download skype off Skype is easiest for The Dray as she is about to go on location for 2 months. The best way to determine if your child is ready for representation and to start auditioning is for her to be evaluated by The Dray. Let us know if you can download skype. Also, you can email us at to make it easier!

      The Dray Way

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