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Act Don’t Point!

Act and Sing, Don't PointIn order to get a point across in acting, you do NOT have to point to the object to be more effective. As an Executive Producer, I have witnessed this mistake in numerous casting sessions. It is common that inexperienced kid actors, or in fact any actor, may not have the confidence to allow their voice, facial expressions and emotions to get the point across.… without pointing.

In a private Skype session a girl was very excited about showing me her monologue. She definitely had tremendous enthusiasm and passion when reciting her lines. One problem… I thought she was playing a game of charades because every single word was acted out, mimed or pointed to from beginning to end. My advice to her was “Act Don’t Point!”

She then told me she also sings. She began her song and yet again, was pointing and acting out the lyrics. For the line, “I love to dance,” she pointed to her eye for the word ‘I,’ she hugged her body for ‘love’ and did a pirouette and the macarena for ‘dance.’ My advice to her was, “Sing Don’t Point!”

I had her repeat the monologue and asked her to sit on her hands. She thought that was pretty funny because she didn’t realize how much she relied on her hands to tell the story. In my book “Mom! I Want To Be A Star” I discuss this problem in detail and give additional exercises to help kids use their voice, facial expressions and emotions to get the point across.

When you Skype with me, I will close my eyes at some point during our session. I do this to make sure you can get your point across even though I can only hear your voice.

Good-bye for now… don’t wave!



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