The Suite Life on Deck Cast – Where Are They Now?

Posted by The Dray on February 8th, 2012
Irene Dreayer with Dylan and Cole Sprouse on the set of The Suite Life on Deck

Irene Dreayer with Dylan and Cole Sprouse

The “Suite Life” was the longest running TV series on the Disney Channel. I executive produced all the shows that ran for six years, ending in August of 2010.  You can catch my stories from the set on YouTube. Many of you might be wondering what the original cast is doing now and I have the scoop!

Dylan and Cole Sprouse are attending NYU as freshman. They are the first Disney Channel stars to ever go to college once their series ended. The Dray is so proud! I am so excited to find out that they are enjoying their college life and being regular kids. Dylan is studying German and Animal Studies while Cole is studying film and TV production. Zack and Cody in college…OMG!

Ashley Tisdale (Maddie) has formed her own production company called, “Blondie Girl Productions.” “Blondie” is the name of her adorable tiny poodle. Even while she is a producer, she is starring in a pilot for a series on ABC Family. Good luck Ashley!

Brenda Song, (London) since her debut in the successful movie feature, “Social Network,” has also appeared in the Disney Channel movie “Pixie Hollow Games.” Yeah London!

Phil Lewis (Mr. Mosbey) is devoting much of his time at Disney Channel as a director of several episodes of Disney shows now airing. I gave him his first opportunity as a director on both  “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” and “Suite Life on Deck.” Way to go Phil!

Kim Rhodes (Carrie) played ‘a mom’ on the “Suite Life” series and eventually became one. I love catching her commercials and her guest starring roles on TV in “Supernatural” and “House, MD.”

And now you are caught on up the Suite news! For more ‘behind the scenes” stories from The Suite Life set, watch my videos on my YouTube Channel.

So proud of my TV Family!

The Dray

16 Responses

  1. ariella says:

    will we ever see them on disney again like after college

  2. Kristina says:

    I heard that Brenda Song confirmed that there will be a small episode or two where Mr. Moseby and Ms. Tutwiler get married/ Cody visits Bailey at Yale and find out he was accepted after all, just some mistake.

    Just wondering, is this true?
    The Suite Life has literally been my childhood, along with Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place, and Sonny with a Chance, American Dragon Jake long, and Kim Possible and Harry Potter. It’s sad to see it all leaving!!!!! But I loved these shows and hope to see more like these on Disney!

  3. kimberly says:

    I’m so happy they’re going to college but disney channel is not the same without them! Sure I love how debby and brenda are gettingalong well with their other shows but somehow it doesn’t fill the hole in my heart because dylan and cole were my favourite!

  4. prettyjessica says:

    Question for the Dray: Will there be a Suite Life on Campus?

  5. T Gordon says:

    I just want to say thank you Disney and thank you to all the talent you bring forth! Zack and Cody…..and all the characters were amazing! The writing was really superb and I will always enjoy watching the re-runs!!

  6. Jack says:

    Matthew (Woody) is doing nothing at the moment! And Debby (Bailey) is doing Jessie!

  7. derrick says:

    what is bailey doing other than jessie

  8. Mickey says:

    What is Addison doing now?

  9. Mickey says:

    How come Kirby was not in Graduation on Deck?

  10. Mickey says:

    Who is that Tom guy that worked with Zack at the juice bar in the Suite Life on Deck? He seems to be in every episode yet says nothing and is always at the back.

    • The Dray says:

      His name is Jason and he originally was a stand in for Zack. A stand in is someone who steps in during rehearsals for the talent so the director can make his list on what camera to use in the scene. He was so good that we upped him from ‘stand in’ to the character of Tom who works at Easy Squeezy the juice bar!

  11. shawn says:

    Where’s Matthew (Woody) these days? What’s he doing?

    • The Dray says:

      Hi Shawn – I’m not sure what he is up to next these days since the show ended a year ago. He is still acting.
      The Dray Way

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