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“I wrote “Mom! I Want To Be A Star” to help parents and kids identify the issues, the problems in auditions, how the business really works and how to fix the mistakes preventing your child from booking auditions. Read my show business handbook and I promise you will benefit from my method, The Dray Way.”
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I am thrilled to announce that I'm joining Entertainment Coaching, the first online entertainment learning center focused on acting, modeling, music and dance! You will be able to watch my coaching videos, new every month, and attend my interactive webinars, all from your home.

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Ariana Grande and Ross Lynch

Kid Actors: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly, Who’s Responsible?

Posted by The Dray on April 12th, 2014

Your child wants to be a star like Ariana Grande or Ross Lynch, don’t they all?  Many deserve it, many don’t.  Many earn it, many don’t.  Many are pushed to do it. Many aren’t. So let’s say your kid has the goods, is really really talented and it’s completely their dream, not yours mom!  What […]

Mom! I Want To Be A Star with BOW

Happy Holidays from Irene Dreayer!

Posted by The Dray on December 18th, 2013

  To all my Dray Kids, Dray families, friends and Dray Way supporters, I want to thank you for a wonderful year and wish each and every one of you a happy healthy 2014! It’s been a fabulous year for The Dray Way! Congratulations to all the “Wanna Be a Dray Kid” winners from this […]

Stand Your Ground Against Bullying!

Stand Your Ground Against Bullying!

Posted by The Dray on October 6th, 2013

What do Chris Rock, Kate Winslet, Miley Cyrus, Bill Clinton, Winona Ryder, Emma Watson, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, Jessica Alba, Sandra Bullock and Tom Cruise have in common? They were all bullied in school. (http://www.onlinecolleges.net/2011/11/02/15-famous-successful-people-bullied-school/) One of our Dray Kids, CJ Fam, experienced bullying parallel to Christina Aguilera who was bullied and ostracized for her […]

Selena Gomez, from "The Suite Life" to Stardom

Selena Gomez, from “The Suite Life” to Stardom!

Posted by The Dray on August 27th, 2013

I first met Selena Gomez when she auditioned for a role on “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody”.  She was a doll! Being on “The Suite Life” was her very first role on a well known TV series and she was so nervous. The Dray jumped in to make this experience a memorable one […]

Dray's Social Media Tips in Show Business


Posted by The Dray on July 20th, 2013

There are the right things to do and the wrong things to do in show biz social media. Here are my social media tips to keep your activity and interaction positive and professional… the right way, The Dray Way. 1. Only post, share or forward items on the internet (email, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) that […]

Irene Dreayer Tells the Truth

Irene Dreayer Will Tell You The Truth

Posted by The Dray on June 17th, 2013

Parents, do you reallythink your child is a talented singer, dancer, actor or musician? Are you being honest with your child as well as yourself? Every parent thinks their child is the greatest no matter what they do…and they should! But sometimes parents are not true judges and it is not fair to the child  […]